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Postdoctoral Fellow EcoTopia Science Institute Nagoya University

EcoTopia Science Institute in Nagoya University advance interdisciplinary or integrated research toward establishment of EcoTopia science based on EcoTopia index. Project No. 207 in this institute aim to develop new materials system for environment and human, that is, EcoTopia society. This project recruits a postdoctoral fellow as follows.

(1) Project: Research on materials system for human, ecosystem and environment
(EcoTopia Project 207)
(2) Project Leader: Prof. Nagahiro SAITO
(3) Employment Period: Oct. 1, 2009 ~ Sep. 30, 2011
(4) Number of position: One
(5) Qualifications
    1. Researchers who have received a doctoral degree.
    2. Applicants have an experience of the following areas of
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Applied chemistry
    Applied Physics
    3. Applicants have a potential of formulating EcoTopia index but the experience is not required.
(6) Content of work: Developing new green materials or process
Formulating EcoTopia Index
(7) Treatment: Salary, Insurance:
Standard Nagoya University employment regulations apply, according to the researchers' age, experience, etc.
(8) Work Location: EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University
(9) Application deadline: Applications must be received by Sep. 15, 2009
(10) Application materials: Curriculum vitae (with photograph and e-mail address) - 1 copy
List of research achievements - 1 copy
Summary for publications or thesis (free format)
Research plan and ambition(free format)
(11) Address for applications
& Where to make contact
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8603, Japan
EcoTopia Science Institute
Prof. Nagahiro Saito
Tel: 052-789-4699 Fax: 052-789-4998
saito * (Remove * symbol when you send E-mail)
Please write in red, on the front of the envelope, "Application for EcoTopia Sci. Inst. Postdoctoral Position". If sending by mail, please send by registered mail. Additional information
Details of the EcoTopia Index and Project.(
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