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    Academic Year 2015

    Research Student Enrollment Guidelines
    EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University

    Persons wishing to research a special topic at EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University, may be admitted as research students through selection, so long as facilities allow.

  • 1.About Enrollment

    Permission for enrollment is given after selection by the faculty councils of the Institute.

  • 2.Qualifications for Enrollment

    a. Applicants who have graduated from university
    b. Applicants who are recognized as equally qualified as those who have graduated from university

  • 3.Time of Enrollment

    The start of enrollment shall be at the beginning of the semester, unless the circumstances are exceptional.

  • 4. Expenses

    1. Screening fee                               ¥9,800
    2. Enrollment fee                               ¥84,600
    3. Tuition
     First / Second semester (for each semester)                 ¥178,200
     (annual tuition)                              ¥356,400

    *If the tuition fees are revised during or after enrollment, the new tuition fee amount will apply from the time they are
    *Fees that have been paid will not be refunded for any reason.

  • 5.Application Documents

    1. Enrollment application form ("Research Student Enrollment Application Form")
    2. Certificate of graduation (completion) issued by your last academic institute, or certificate of prospective graduation
    3. Academic transcript issued by your last academic institute
    4. C.V. (photograph attached)
    5. Photograph ×1 copy (3×3 cm, for research student identification card)
    6. Return-mail envelope (40 mm × 332 mm in size called "kakuni / kaku 2", for notification of enrollment procedures,
     with name and address; stamps not necessary)

    *If you have a work history, other documents may be necessary, so please enquire of the Institute.

  • 6.Application Period

    First semester: Feb. 2-9, 2015
    Second semester: Jul. 1-8, 2015

  • 7.Application Method

    1. Please submit the application documents to the General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division of the Institute.
    2. Please pay the screening fee to the Accounting Section, Accounting Division of the Institute.

  • 8.Enrollment Procedures

    You will be notified separately regarding details.

  • 9.Enrollment Period

    a. The enrollment period for research students shall be one year; however, the enrollment period for research students
      who were admitted in the middle of an academic year shall finish at the end of that academic year.
    b. Persons who wish to remain enrolled after the expiration of the enrollment period, for research purposes, must submit
      the required documents, such as "Application Form to Continue Studies as Research Student", C.V., etc. They should
      complete the application procedure during the application period stated above, and obtain permission.

  • 10.Other Information

    ◆All expenses necessary for research, including use of facilities, must be paid by the student.
    ◆Traffic regulations for automobiles etc. are in effect at the campus.
    ◆Contact: General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division of EcoTopia Science Institute

    Tel: 052-789-5262
    Email: shomu3*@* (Please drop * in sending Email.)


     If you are currently employed by a private sector, please note that you cannot maintain your status as an employee while enrolled as a research student.